Monday, June 12, 2006

First Locavore Feast 

We had the first Locavore Feast yesterday.

No pictures because the battery on the camera was dead and by the time the camera was charged up, we'd eaten everything.

The meal started with golden tomatoes from my garden, edible pod peas, radishes, and baby carrots (from Leatherwood Farms) with a garlicky yoghurt cheese dip (from Crain's Dairy). This was followed by a Chicken Foot broth with carrot "fish" and cilantro "seaweed", with a few stems of lavender "cattails".

The centerpiece of the meal was a free range chicken (whose feet made the aforementioned broth) marinated in blackberry juice from Sorghum Mills and grilled with blackberry wine (from Wilde), grilled squash and eggplants from TC Farms, new potatoes and bell peppers from Crestview, and a salad of baby greens and edible flowers, partly wildcrafted, partly from Forbes.

The bread rolls were made from Shawnee Mills flour and my Onuri-Ufa sourdough starter.

Dessert was a many berry pie, made strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, Mackin's honey, and crust from Shawnee Mills flour. Ice cream was made from lavender and roses from my garden and cream from Swan Brothers Dairy.

It was yummy, much merriment was had by the 4 guests, and a lot was learned about where and how to eat local.

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