Thursday, June 03, 2004

Jasmine Brothers, CEO 

Jasmine Brothers.

Jasmine Brothers is a native born Oklahoman. A portion
of her childhood was spent homeless, which led to her choice of college programs. She attened the University of Oklahoma, where she studied Criminology, Sociology,
and Anthropology. During the course of her studies, she decided that the best way for her to help the working homeless would be to open a bakery. Her decision defined her final year of college. She collected information on what people wanted from a bakery, tested recipes, and catered parties and class events for her fellow students to see if her idea would work and be profitable. After college, she continued to pursue her goal of opening the Cracked Cauldron by doing test marketing and marketing research, by attending a baker's convention, and by learning how other bakers and bakeries ran their businesses. She joined several professional organizations, including Specialty Coffee Association of American, The Bread Baker's Guild of America, and the Personal Chef Network, and used them to improve her skills as a baker and as a business woman. She also asked John DeLaughter, who had recently received an MBA, to be her Financial Director. At this time,she is still seeking financing for opening the bakery. Posted by Hello

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