Friday, April 28, 2006

An Idea 

Talking with Manager about the make-and-take kitchens that are gaining popularity, we discussed the possibility of doing a make-and-take bakery.

The idea won't fly here in Oklahoma, but we could see how, in areas where the make-and-take places are popular, it would work.

It wouldn't even be terribly expensive to do: different stations for different types of baked goods: cookies, pies, breads, rolls, pastries. There would be no need for the expensive part of putting together a bakery: the ovens, proofers, and industrial mixers. Family sized stand mixers would be suitable.

Special nut-free and gluten-free stations could also be set up for people with allergies, and they could have their own times to prepare their baked goods.

In a brain-storming session to see if this would be a viable concept for us, we decided it would be, if we lived practically anywhere but Oklahoma. We set up sample menus, priced out ingredients from assorted suppliers, arranged the floor plans for this, and even came up with a catchy, descriptive name. We're adding in some market research, and have ferreted out some interesting on-line statisitcs on the potential for this to be popular.

I'm wondering, if we do all the market research and set-up, prepare recipes, locate good suppliers, design a logo to go with the name, if we could sell franchises for this? Then use the success of that to fund the real Cracked Cauldron?

Don't worry, soup recipes are coming.

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