Thursday, January 19, 2006

Green Pigs 

Much to-do is being made over the Taiwanese green pigs that glow in the dark.

Perhaps the biggest jokes are the "green eggs and ham" jokes.

That perplexes me. The eggs are supposed to be green, not the ham. The ham is presumably the common shade of pink it's always been, accompanied by green eggs.

Green eggs - at least green-shelled eggs - are produced by araucana and ameraucana hens. The yolks are the usual yellow, and hte whites are still white. Why is no one working on producing true "green eggs", if they are so determined to make "green eggs and ham" a reality?

I don't want to hear "green eggs and ham" jokes associated with these green pigs anymore when there are better jokes to be made.

I'll leave those jokes to your imagination for a few days, and if no one can come up with any, maybe I'll post a few.

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