Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Eat Local Month 

This month celebrates something that is the cornerstone of our business - buying and eating locally.

Even though we aren't open for business yet, we still buy as much of our food locally as we can. We live in an area where that means we get an abundance of foods, especially this time of year.

In our research for the Cracked Cauldron, we met some wonderful local producers, the mushroom man in Tulsa, Shawnee Mills for wheat and cornmeal, Wichita Buffalo for buffalo meat, and so many others. We saw herb farms and orchards, and discovered a lot of U-Pick places.

Except for truly exotic foods such as spices, sugar, coffee, tea, and a few exotic fruits, vegetables, and grains, almost everything else grows here. And with a growing Asian and Mexican population, even foods once exotic are becoming locally grown. That includes seafoods that are now being farmed in our many lakes and ponds. We lack only the saltwater seafoods and seaweeds.

The farm raised salmon, catfish, and such may not be as tasty as their wilder cousins, but they are (hopefully) more sustainably raised.

We haven't given up on opening the Cracked Cauldron, just re-vamping nad re-ordering what and where, and potentially when.

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