Monday, July 18, 2005

Manager's Birthday 

Manager's Birthday is Friday, and we've been designing a new cake to celebrate.

It's a dark chocolate cake spiced Scandinavian style, almost a gingerbread, sliced into thin layers and stacked alternately with sour cherries and a rich chocolate mousse. The whole cake will be coated in a swirling tri-chocolate ganache, garnished with chocolate dipped cherries and sugared white rose petals to look like cherry blossoms.

A number of local people have been invited to share the cake, and see if it will be the success we expect it to be.

On the investment front, there are two possibilities we're exploring right now.

And there are other options waiting in the wings for their time.

We haven't given up on opening the Cracked Cauldron, we're re-grouping.

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