Friday, April 08, 2005


My co-workers were very good about filling in for me while I was volunteering at MedFaire, so I baked them a cake - a lemon spice bundt cake, glazed with lemon and garnished with fresh sweet redbuds.

Redbuds are a fleeting pleasure. I haven't been able to figure a way to preserve them that captures their sweetness and crunch, so I use them generously during their 2 week season.

If you've never eaten redbuds, while they are still in bloom, pluck a few off a tree and snack on them.

Make sure the tree hasn't been sprayed with pesticides!

I brought an extra baggie full of redbuds to snack on throughout the day.

I do have a lovely seasoning blend I use in North African cooking that uses both redbuds and lavender buds. It makes a huge difference in the meal to use spices, flowers, and other seasonings that are native to the country where the dish orginated. And then, I like to play with the flavors - redbud and lavendar muffins, redbud pancakes, redbuds in couscous, redbud pudding, and more.

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