Tuesday, April 05, 2005

After the Faire 

The last post hole is filled and the last bag of trash dragged off. MedFaire is over for another year.

The samples we provided dispapeared quickly. Fortunately, we baked fresh each night, so there were always plenty for the next day.

Y'all have already seen the Pirate Ship Pie and the Castle Turret Pie, and the picture of the cookie stamp we made with cookie.

Those of you who read this blog and stopped by to chat and sample the goodies - thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you.

The cookbook sold about average for this type of Faire. The rennies and vendors were the ones interested in the cookbook, along with the historical re-enactors; and those were the majority of the people who bought the cookbook.

What went well were the business cards.

Oklahoma is not a Foodie place on the cook side of things. Most people prefer ready-made or simple mixes. There was an extremely high interest in the bakery opening. Many people wanted to know where it would be and when we would open so they could stop in and buy the food already made up.

That's pretty much what we expected.

Since the weather was nice all three days, we may have equaled or exceeded the number of visitors as last year - and that was 300,000 people.

We have permission to retell a number of stories, and a few new photos.

This copy of the cookbook will continue to be offered for at least another month, and then it will be retired out-of-print.

A future edition, with all the stories and more recipes and photos may become available later through a better publishing house - one that will offer color photos.

The meeting for this Monday was postponed, so we'll report on that when it happens.

Now, I have to go scrub baking pans and bowls and launder dish towels and costumes.

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