Monday, March 21, 2005

MedFaire, the Cookbook, and All That 

The print copies of the cookbook arrived, and they look very nice. We have quite a few for MedFaire, and y'all are more than welcome to buy a copy at Lulu.com. So far, the hands-down favorite recipes are the gingerbread recipe and the Rat Onna Stick. Although the Onion Soup with Cinnamon got second looks. I donated a copy to the library and most of the oohs and aaahs came from them as they flipped through the book.

There's already a waiting list for people to borrow it, so we're quite pleased with the response the book is getting. This is very encouraging for future books.

MedFaire is less than 2 weeks away. I'm pimping this Faire to all of you. If you can at all make this Faire, it is free and fun, and it would be cool to meet some of you in person. Those we haven't already met, that is.

We have several people helping out, and we currently plan to offer sample cookies (the Fyne Cakes in the cookbook). For those of you who read this blog and go to the Faire, ask us for samples of the Banbury Tarts and Scottish Eggs, as well, as these will be staples at the Cracked Cauldron when we open.

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