Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fyne Cakes 

As I was preparing to bake the cookies we'll be giving away at MedFaire, I was regretting not being able to find a cookie stamp for them.

Yes, I found lots of beautiful cookie stamps, and some of them will find their way into the Cracked Cauldron to shape cookies we'll be selling. But I couldn't find the cookie stamp. You know, the exact perfect one for us.

Then I had a duh! moment.

In all my years knocking about the world, I'd picked up some minor sculpting skills. I could easily make the cookie stamp I for which I was looking. It was a simple one: a square shape with a rounded cauldron in the middle, and a crack down it. You know, the cracked cauldron.

So I dashed out to the hobby store and bought a packet of Sculpey clay. At the dining table, I shaped out the cauldron, cut in the crack and set it on a small square.


Our cookie stamp!

OK. Actually, it wasn't quite that simple. First I had to make the positive sculpture and harden it. Then I had to use it to mold the negative stamp, and harden that. The negative is the stamp. When you press it down on the cookie dough, it forms the positive impression of the original sculpture.

I've used this method before to make wax sealing stamps and it worked very well. Converting it to cookie stamps was a simple step to make.

Why did it take me this long to even think about it?

Because I'm too narrowly focused at times. I was sure someone, somewhere, was selling what I wanted. That's why I kept looking at catalogues and stores and shopping around online.

I should have known if I wanted something that specialized, I would either have to commission it being made or make it myself.

So, as soon as hte first batch of cookies come out of the oven, I'll snap photos of the positive sculptire, the negative stamp, and the final cookie.

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