Thursday, March 31, 2005

Change of Location 

We'll be offering the cookbook, The Cauldron Crack'd, from the blacksmith's booth. Sample cookies will also be there.

Thing is, we told folks the booth would be at the south end of the Faire near Food Row. It was moved. It's still on the south end of the Faire, only now it's near the UCO Booth and the Scottish Compound on the western edge of the Faire. The portable ATM machines are right there, too.

There is another blacksmith up on the northeastern end of the Faire, and he's a very good one, but he's not the one we're imposing upon.

If you ask at the Faire Office, they'll know where we are.

Pictures will be posted shortly, but this weekend, shortly is only short to us. To you, it could be days.

Posting will be even skimpier over the next three days as the Faire starts tomorrow. Monday, we can offer a full update.

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