Friday, March 11, 2005


Manager has been hired by a woman in Georgia to do a spot of personal cheffing - she'll be coming to Oklahoma for a visit, and wants Manager to bake and cook for her while she's here. I'm not sure how a woman in Georgia heard about us and wants us to cook for her, but there it is.

We've also got several potential investors looking over the business proposal and spreadsheets, and there's a possibility Manager will be meeting with them in the near future.

This Thursday, I'll be meeting with some local Oklahoma farmers and buying some of their products for us to sample and see if we'll be using them in the Cracked Cauldron when we open.

We haven't approached them yet as potential suppliers because we need to know when we'll be opening. That, of course, depends on when we'll scrounge up the funds to open.

This weekend, we'll be making some Billy Goat Cookies for one of our Beloved Guinea Pigs. I also want to play around with little bite-sized versions of the Baklava Cheesecake, and maybe an experimental recipe with Tri-Pliny.

The yeast beasties from Italy are growing nicely, but it may still be a week or two before they are ready to bake with. Maturity is important in sourdoughs, and these still seem a bit too new and shy. A good bath and a little extra coaxing should get them fired up, they seem to be quivering on that edge. We'll see how this next week goes with them. Tri-Pliny seems more determined than Quintina.

Baby steps, but we are getting there.

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