Thursday, March 10, 2005


Some of the anecdotes we mentioned in earlier posts didn't make it into the cookbook. The Monkey Food Fight and the Burping Contest were left out because they were not rated for a general audience, and we couldn't figure out how to retell them without losing the zest of the stories.

Others, which would have been suitable, were left out because we couldn't reach the people involved for their permission, nor could we obscure them because it was their very identity that made the stories worth retelling.

The story of the Kissing Dragon, even though it involved a child, was far enough in the past that the child is now adult and, while embarrassed by the story, he agreed to the retelling. Had he not agreed, we couldn't have retold it because the fact that he was the Kissing Dragon is what made the story. It wouldn't have been near as cute if we'd renamed him the Hand Lizard.

So, a lot of good stories got left out.

If you catch us at the Faire, ask us about some of these stories. We can tell the stories even if we can't print them.

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