Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words 

Or something like that, anyway.

So far, the title A Cauldron Crack'd has the most votes - i.e. more than one vote. I think the culinary and history snobs (and don't tell me there aren't any) who attend MedFaire will appreciate the tribute to Sir Kenelm Digby. And those Faire patrons who've never heard of Sir Kenelm Digby, Gillaumes Tirel (better known as Taillevent), Sabrina Welserin, Elinor Fettiplace, Chiquart, or Samuel Pepys can still enjoy wonderfully medievalish food.

This weekend, we'll cook and photograph those foods which still need pictures, and talk to our stable of artists for cover art and maybe some interior art as well, and then we'll put the book together, upload it to our POD publisher (which, really, is better than vanity), and order a lot of copies for the Faire

We'll place the order link on the sidebar here once it's up, and the link will remain until MedFaire is over. Since I don't know how many copies I'll need to pre-order, we'll leave the link up for a couple of weeks after the Faire so people can order copies if we run out. Then, because this is a limited MedFaire edition, that will be that.

Of course, we'll have more cookbooks in the future; after all, we had so many good cookbook titles suggested we have to use at least some of them.

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