Friday, February 11, 2005

Meme Meme Meme - Oh, Sorry, I'll Stop Singing... 

My friend Barbara tagged us for the Music in My Kitchen Meme, so we'll see.

The hard part will be finding 3 people who haven't already been tagged...

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

Zero. As far as I know, there are no music files on my computer. Even if there were, it wouldn't matter - I keep the sound turned off on my computer. It's not worth it to listen to anything ovedr the football games in the stadium behind my house, the mariachi music cranked up to drown out the stadium sounds from the family across the street who want to pretend they still live in Mexico, the kids who set up and bang arrhythmically on the drum set taking up about a quarter of the library floor space downstairs, along with the electric guitars and the violin. My poor computer can't compete with all of that, so why bother?

Manager, however, fille dup one entire computer with music. What I lack in musical ability she has in spades.

The CD you last bought?

I can't remember which was the last one I bought, since I bought several in the same weekend. Was it Boru's Ghost or the Bilge Pumps? It could have been the soundtrack to "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?" which I bought as a gift.

Manager bought a Bilge Pumps CD last, I think.

The last song you listened to before you read this message?

On the radio coming home from work, I heard "Desperado".

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

Now we hit it.

I'm not allowed to sing.


I've been banned from school choirs since I was very young. My own children would cover my mouth with their hands and plead, "No sing, Mama!" from the time they were able to do so. Even the generous and forgiving SCA Bards have gently removed musical instruments from my hands - even simple ones like drums - and asked me to join the audience.

So, I never bothered to learn the words to songs, because I am banned from ever singing them.

Which is a pity, because except for rap, I like all kinds of music.

Mingalay Boat Song, Johnny Jump Up, The Dark Lady, Botany Bay, Jordin Kare's filk (not a typo), particularly "Psi Not" and "Heart of the Apple Lisa". There's Rick Farran's "Do Virgins Taste Better" played by the Brobdinagian Bards. I like Isaac Bonewit's "Black Velvet Band". I have a cassette of space filk written and performed by astronauts - my favorite one is "We're Gonna have Fun Fun Fun until Daddy Takes the Space Shuttle Away". And I have CD of NASA filk, titled To Touch The Stars.

That's more than 5, isn't it?

There aren't very many songs or music I don't like. Gangsat rap seems to be it, and only because the heavy beats deflate bread dough faster than anything I know, and I find the rhythms too simplistic and repetitive. Blame it on the medieval music I like, the filk and the folk ballads.

Oh, I haven't even touched on the folk music!

Well, not today - instead, I'll move on and tag these three next....only because no one else has tagged them yet, that I know of.

Chika at She Who Eats, because she hasn't been tagged yet, and I'll bet she has as interesting tastes in music as in food.

Cooksister because I'm curious to see if the music that ounds through her words is the same music to which she listens.

And Freeman because I know him from other venues, but not in person.

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