Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mardi Gras! 

So, last night, I baked King Cakes. Filled and unfilled. Rich, yeasty, dense King Cakes. I took a picture of one of them, the others were whisked away too quickly for the camera to catch.

We also made a yummy sausage stew to go into The Cauldron Crack'd: kohlrabi (you can get it at most Asian markets and even WalMart carries it - but go to the Asian markets, theirs are fresher and sweeter), a mirepoix of onions, celery, and cabbage, tiny sausages, and seasonings. For the cookbook, I bought those tiny all beef Eckridge cocktail sausages - not bad! The stew needs sauerkraut in it, though. It really does, so I'll try a version like that tonight. And something with the rutabaga I found at WalMart as well. I'm kind of surprised at that, seeing as they don't carry turnips.

Turnips! Why doesn't the local WalMart carry turnips? Do WalMarts in your area carry turnips? Maybe it's just on Okie aberration?

The Banbury Tarts didn't get made because the ferrets decided to remodel the livingroom, and we had to move the potted plants from the shelves they'd safely inhabited for 7 years to the kitchen table. And with all those plants on the table, I had nowhere to roll pastry dough except the floor. I have a bunny living in the kitchen right now who's shedding his winter fur for his summer coat. Bunny hairs may be authentic in actual medieval recipes, but I have higher standards.

So, I'll have to figure some other place to roll dough or find a safe place for the plants until it warms up enough to put them outside.

That means no more meat pies or pastries until then. That's OK, we still have breads and stews to work on making up and photographing for The Cauldron Crack'd.

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