Saturday, February 19, 2005


Wouldn't you know it? Fire up the oven, and people start dropping in.

That's good, because I needed people to eat the Dragontails (the recipe makes 4 really large Dragontails!) and the Makerouns, and when they come out of the oven, the Spinach Pies, Banbury Tarts, Mete Ryal, and Raphioles that are currently baking.

I wonder how many people will drop by tomorrow, when I make the soup cauldrons, salad bowls, Fyne Cakes, gingerbread, and such?

Monday will see the last of the cooking for The Cauldron Crack'd, and by Tuesday or Wednesday, the book should be ready for the proofing for Lulu.com. Today or tomorrow, we'll shoot the front cover picture and design the back cover.

It's going to be a smallish book - around 50 pages, but it will be packed with recipes from easy to find ingredients (not turnips, unfortunately, as they are scarcer than hen's teeth around here).

Let me tell you - that Makerouns dish - it is absolutely yummy! It's definitely a grown-up version of macaroni and cheese, and the spices add a depth to the flavor that will make you never want to open another box of macaroni and cheese mix. And - surprise! It goes together as quickly and almost as easily as the boxed version of mac and cheese.

OK - it's not as sinple as the microwaveable versions that you just stick in the nuke box and turn on for 3 minutes, but if you routinely make the boxed version, boiling the elbow macaronis and measuring out the milk and butter - this medieval version is just as quick and easy - and far tastier.

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