Monday, January 24, 2005


No, we won't be serving pizza at the Cracked Cauldron, but only because we have no desire to compete with all the many pizza businesses already out there.

However, we created a smashing pizza crust recipe, and even though it's not technically medieval, we'll be including the recipe in our special cookbook for the Medieval Faire.

What we need is a good name for the cookbook. If any of you who read this can come up with a good name, we'll send you a copy of the cookbook.

To help out a bit, we'd like the name to be reflective of the Cracked Cauldron and the Middle Ages or the Age of Chivalry. The primary re-enactment group performing at MedFaire is Arthurian-based, the theme of the Faire is slightly more fantasy than historical, and if the weather is anything like last year's, we expect approximately 300,000 visitors in the space of a single weekend.

The recipes range from a moist gingerbread to sweet manchets to savory stews and meat pies - all things we can (and probably will) serve in the Cracked Cauldron, culled from assorted medievalish sources (Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Das Kochbuch des Sabina Welserin [handwritten copy from 1553], Das Buech von Gueter Spise, Fools and Fricasses: Food In Shakespeare's England, Gerard's Herbal, The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Opened and more) and adapted (called redacted) by us to modern tastes. The recipes may undergo further transformations as we play around with the spice quantities. I like it spicier, but most people are overwhelmed by my fondness for cloves and lavender...so we'll adjust for a more popular tongue than mine, but these are tasty enough to share as is.

So, anyone game for a catchy, limited edition cookbook title?

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