Friday, January 07, 2005

Photo Shy 

Manager is a photo shy person, as difficult to photograph as our Finance Director was - I got his picture only because he was distracted by the Tri-Mushroom Soup.

But I extracted a promise from her to do a photography session this weekend, so her picture and bio can be linked from the sidebar the way our Finance Director's is.

Plus, we'll scan more Cracked Cauldron art for the Cafe Press Store, and one of the things we'll see if we can do is make aprons with recipes on them!

We're still waiting to hear back from the owners of that building we want to lease, and still searching for a commercial kitchen that's not otherwise in use on the dates we need one.

Manager's A drive went out on her primary computer, so until we can find a replacement floppy drive, she has to use my computer. And much gnashing of teeth is heard, because she doesn't like my computer.

Look for photos and more this weekend.

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