Friday, January 21, 2005

Moving Forward a Centimeter at a Time 

So, a friend spoke to someone who likes to invest in local businesses, and he actually came to talk to me.


He had other things to do, but he took the time to ask if we were still looking for investors and to get a card.

I don't know if it will go any further than this. Even if it doesn't result in another investor, it will likely result in at least one new customer because he likes his coffee and baked goods.

So, teeny little glacial centimeters, but they are all moving forward.

I know Manager is frustrated by this slowness, and panicking a little because she's reaching the end of her discretionary finances and not enough is coming back in.

And the final numbers for last year's MedFaire attendence is in - 300,000 visitors in a 3 day period!

We still haven't found a commercial kitchen to use to prepare the soups and baked goods for the Faire so a booth there is still in limbo. We do have the alternative of using a corner of the blacksmith's booth to distribute samples (which, not being sold, come under different health rules than food for sale) and information, or perhaps even we'll be allowed a small booth ourselves to hawk the Cracked Cauldron.

If we are only able to do the sampling booth/corner of table, our menu will of necessity be deeply limited: Pyrate's Brew (coffee richly spiced with the taste of the Caribbean - hot if we have electricity, cold if not) and cookies (gingerbread, and iced sugar cut-outs of a medieval theme like castles and knights and mythological creatures like unicorns, dragons, pixies, and ogres) will probably all we can manage without the use of a commercial kitchen.

I'm thinking of ordering up some little trinkets to distribute with the Cracked Cauldron logo, number, and blogsite to hand out - depending on finances by then. Buttons or stickers or magnets or something more memorable than cards. If we have our own booth, we may order mugs or a special, limited edition of our cookbook to sell.

MedFaire is three months away.

If any of you are in Oklahoma that first weekend of April - April 1, 2, and 3rd - see if you can stop by MedFaire. It's in Norman, Oklahoma, at Reaves Park. Take Highway 9 east off of I-35, and then take the Jenkins Exit north. Go north on Jenkins to the Lloyd Noble Center parking lot (it'll be on your left), park there, and walk across the street to Reaves Park.

Entry into the Faire is FREE, and there are jousts, mock combats, a Hamadryad, stage performances, pony, camel, and elephant rides, and over 200 vendors of unusual things.

Even if we can't get our own booth there this year, we'll still be there.

Look for the banner with a cracked cauldron on it.

It should hopefully be near the blacksmith's booth at the very southeast end of the Faire.

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