Wednesday, January 26, 2005


An ever-re-ocurring theme, isn't it?

But location is important. We still lust after the location over by Penn Square Mall, but there's a lovely place that may be even better on NW 50th, right beside the sport field for all the high schools in the school district and directly across the street from a well used park with Little League fields that are in constant use during baseball and football seasons. It's also in a district with just over a 2¢ lower sales tax. And, best of all, there's nothing similar in the area where parents, high schoolers, and park visitors can get coffees, cocoas, teas, cookies, breads, pies, cakes, and such.

All the sport oriented high school students would be exposed to the Cracked Cauldron and their parents, and it could easily become a place where teens hang out after school - buying the very things they love spending their money on - cappuccinos and cookies.

It's also very easy to find and access, with lots of available parking.

Southern Nazarene University is close, as is Oklahoma City University, and the Oklahoma City campus for Oklahma State University. It's a short drive for University of Central Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Baptist University.

The street is both a snow route (meaning if we get snow, it's one of the major streets they plow) and located on the corner of 2 major streets - Meridian and NW 50th.

I'm studiously ignoring the fact that it's located less than a full city block from my house - if we exit through the backyard and cut through the school parking lot.

So, we'll see.

Yes, we've been here before, we'll probably be here several times more, checking out property leases, square footage, and traffic counts.

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