Thursday, January 20, 2005

Checking Out Locations 

We looked at two of the locations for rent last night. Or rather, tried to.

One was located in a decent enough place - access was easy, the parking lot was in a minor state of disrepair, but nothing unusual for Oklahoma, traffic was good, the space for rent was certainly large enough - it was one of the anchor spaces in a strip mall. It shared a wall with a bar. Ironic, eh, a coffeehouse/bakery snuggled up to a bar? The problem is that there isn't enough parking for both a bar and the Cracked Cauldron. The bar is apparently a popular one and their patrons use up every single space in the parking lot after 6:00 PM. This would be no good for us.

So we went to the second location.

We couldn't find it. After four drive-bys, looking carefully, we could not find the space for rent. We couldn't find the address, or even a building with a similar address. Very bad. If we can't find out, how can we expect our customers to find it?

So, we'll check out the remaining one just down the street a piece. The location's good, the rent is reasonable, the size is small but adequate.

And on the way home, we found an even better place, right beside a major high school sport field, on the crossroads of 2 major through streets, easy entry to the spacious parking lot. If the rent is reasonable...we may have a winner!

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