Thursday, December 02, 2004

Cookie Choices 

We haven't completely formalized the cookies we'll bake for Cookie Day yet. Much depends upon what sales we find at the store.

Our usual cookies are sugar cutouts, lebkuchen, pfeffernusse, gingerbreads, medieval honeycakes, and shaped shortbreads. We're thinking about adding in the frost on the pumpkin cookies, the mint sandwich cookies, and just to shake up the holidays, the fiery Hot Drops. I'm also leaning towards my new favorite, which doesn't have a name yet. I'll make a batch this weekend and post the picture, and if anyone can contribute a name for it, that would be so cool.

It's made with dried fruits (cranberries, possibly strawberries, assuming I can find good ones, and dates), crispy cereal (I prefer Rice Chex, but corn flakes also work), toasted nuts (pecans and hazlenuts!), all held together with a white chocolate glaze. It's a No-Bake cookie, which makes it a prime favorite when oven space is at a premium.

Anyway, we'll be shipping batches of cookies to some our soldiers and our usual charities along with family.

All y'all reading this blog - bake cookies and give them to friends and family. There's no better gift.

Spread the word and make Cookie Day your day!

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