Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Cafe Press 

Well, we managed to get the Cafe Press Store started. There are only a few things in there right now, with just one image, but that will change.

We do have more images and such to add - as soon as I can get the software for the scanner to run on Windows XP. My scanner is still an exceptionally good one, but the software is for Windows '95.

As far as I can tell, from their website, the scanner company doesn't make software and drivers for this scanner for Windows XP. If I can't do some jiggling with the codes (and I am no computer geek - my coding days ended with BASIC and COBOL), I may have to either buy a new scanner or borrow a friend's scanner. All my friends with scanners live in other states.

This will be a fun odyssey.

Anyway, as soon as we can finagle a scanner, more nifty Cracked Cauldron items will appear. Just click on the button in the sidebar to get to the Cafe Press site.

As a side note - the Devonshire Splits make good sandwich buns - just right for most meat salads: tuna, chicken, turkey, ham, even egg. Herring Salad is not right, though.

I mean really not right.

Now, to see if the images for the calender will upload properly, and check the mail for responses to my query letters for the book.

And we're still waiting to hear back from the owner of that building we found that's been empty for more than a year.

So, things are moving, just very slowly.

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