Monday, November 01, 2004

Tea Services 

Manager was asked about doing tea parties, so we spent a portion of the day looking at tea services.

Astonishingly enough, they were hard to find.

We found a lovely cobalt blue china tea service at an antique store for $69.00 last weekend, and a sterling set for around $800.00, but we weren't looking for tea services then.

We wound up at a small place that specializes in silver and china, and found both a Revere pewter tea service and a Baroque service - each for around $700.00.

The Revere pewter set was a tea pot, coffee pot, and sugar and creamer set on a mismatched tray, simple lines, almost informal in appearance.

The Baroque set was less expensive, had the coffe pot, tea pot, sugar and creamer with the matching tray in sterling silver. The Baroque set was larger and more formal.

The same place had a formal china tea set for under $200.00 - tea pot, creamer, sugar, cups, saucers, and plates for 6. We also found a lovely children's tea set in china that had dragonflies on it.

We didn't buy either set because we can't justify the expense just yet, but if we do start booking tea parties, we now know where to get them.

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