Tuesday, November 09, 2004


The recipe for the pretzels we collected in Pennsylvania is yummy, but it's much harder to shape than the sourdough recipe I've used before. So, no they weren't pretty.

But some of our guinea pigs enjoyed them very much, even 12 hours old.

I will say this recipe doesn't last well, it stales quickly, but fresh, it is wonderfully delicious. This is a pretzel you'd want to eat as soon as it was cool enough to handle, and well before it was thoroughly cooled.

However, 12 hours old, it is good dunked in chai or hot cocoa, and I've been told, coffee. I usually only drink coffee at night, so I haven't tried them with coffee yet, but the cinnamon ones would go great with a nice Viennese roast. The buttery salt ones would do better with a rich Turkish tea, hot cocoa, or chai.

I don't know why, but tea and butter go well together, and so does hot cocoa and butter.

Anyway, a bit more experimentation and a bit more adeptness, and we'll have pretty and tasty pretzels.

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