Saturday, November 06, 2004

Milk Alternatives 

We had to buy ferret food today, and the pet store is right next to a health food store.

It's been a while since we've been inside a health food store, so we went in to see what new products were available.

We found a nice journal of ethnic cuisines, and a new line of milk alternatives.

We purchased the almond milk to try.

We stopped at the farmer's market and bought some broccoli crowns.

Then we went home to make vegan cream of broccoli soup.

It was vegan because it used no dairy products at all, and no meat. We used oil to make the roux, and the almond milk to make the cream, stirred in the pureed broccoli, seasoned with thyme, garlic, and parsley. Garnished with toasted almond slivers, it was yummy.

Almond milk really goes well with the broccoli. It would also go well with cream of carrot soup.

Potato soup should have the new oat milk.

And there's also some hazelnut milk.

We've also discovered the almond milk goes well in chai and coffee.

Our next step is to bake with it.

Moving on, the new business cards should be here soon. The class on Food Safety is soon. And the ads should appear in the paper next week, so customers should soon be responding. With the holiday season on us, I suppose most of hte initial calls will be people wanting holiday cooking and baking done.

Manager is now ready to look more closely at the indie movie theater incubator, to ask questions, and see if it is still a viable option for her.

It didn't sound as if it was something she would be capable of doing after she heard the details of organizing it as a business incubator. Still, the person who presented it to her thinks something could be worked out. And Manager is willing to listen.

We'll see how things go. She's not abandoning the project, she's just not sure she can uphold what is expected of her in it.

And whether it works or not, there's no loss and no harm done.

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