Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Food Handling Safety Class 

Manager will be taking the Food Handler's Safety Class tomorrow.

She's been finalizing the Power Point presentation so she can tote it around to banks and potential investors. Even though she's now a certified Personal Chef, and will work as such, she is still pursuing the goal of opening the Cracked Cauldron.

Last weekend, I remodeled half my kitchen into a pantry for her use, and this coming weekend, we'll complete her Mobile Kitchen.

As part of the goal of getting the needed recognitions and establishing herself as a chef and baker in the area - more so than shse already has - she'll also teach continuing education classes in baking and cooking at local universities and vo-techs.

So, we tried the quick and easy way to open up and it didn't work. Now, we'll dig in and do it the slower, harder, but inevitable way.

We've given ourselves a goal of 3 years to open the Cracked Cauldron as originally conceived. If things fall right, it may be much sooner. Short of disaster, it shouldn't be much later.

Keep reading, because we'll post anecdotes, recipes, and news about our progress as we go.

Nowhere else will you get such a detailed and personal look at opening a bakery, and you're more than welcome to gloat over our mistakes and drool over our inventive recipes and cheer us on if we do things right.

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