Friday, November 05, 2004


We created a form that allows us to bake bread shaped like a cornucopia. This will be particularly apt for the upcoming holiday. Although our concept is to fill it with a spilling of roasted and steamed vegetables, we could also fill it with fresh fruits and/or veggies on a bed of dip.

We'll bake a prettier one this weekend and take a picture of it, filled with veggies.

Not all types of bread take well to an external baking form. What we learned from this will also help us in baking bread bowls. Wouldn't it be cute to bake smaller cornucopias and fill them with stew?

We already developed a lattice cornbread bowl we use for chilis, and a cracker-type bowl for chowder. A cornuopia bowl for Thanksgiving would be just darling on a serving plate - or for a Viking-type feast! Hah! Possibilities!

Now, we'll play this weekend in shaping bread dough into nifty forms. Cornucopias will be just the beginning! Imagine - Easter baskets filled with spring soups, cauldrons with spooky stews, Christmas "packages" with meaty winter salads...

Like most bread products, this will probably freeze well, but the filling will have to be frozen separately from the bread, or it will sog out when reheated.

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