Friday, November 26, 2004

Board Meeting 

The Board Meeting was a productive one, with new goals set for the coming year, and a whole list of things we will be implementing as we continue our journey towards opening the permanent location of the Cracked Cauldron.

We discussed marketing and advertising goals, the results will be apparent within the next two weeks, so keep checking for all the exciting details.

We have 3 major events planned. We've touched lightly on them in the past: participating in the Zoo Friends Fundraiser, and getting booths at both the Arts Festival and the OU Medieval Faire.

If everything goes as we plan, we expect to offer a limited menu at the OU Medieval Faire in Norman, OK (first weekend of April - hint hint) consisting of Orange Cinnamon Rolls, Scottish Eggs, bready Soup Cauldrons filled with either Irish Stew or a vegetarian Potato Soup, Shortbread Cookies, The King's Tavern Cookies, a hot Pyrate's Brew (mulled coffee with our special piratey blend of spices), chilled Cloven Fruit beverage, and a chilled Brewski (a rootbeery tea).

And if we can manage the OK Arts Festival, we plan to offer the Soup Cauldrons with Italian Onion Soup, Potato Soup, or Mushroom Beef Soup.

The Zoo, of course, depends upon if we are invited to participate, as it is invitation only. I've been told we are on the list of invitees, so eventually, I'm assuming we'll be asked.

As for the rest, we discussed stock and dividends. While Manager had a much better understanding of what we were doing, I don't think I came off as too ignorant about the financial end of the business.

We dicussed financing options, pursuing the Personal Cheffing and seguing when the time came to the permanent location while making sure our Personal Chef clients are still well cared for.

While Manager works as a Personal Chef, she will also schedule continuing education cooking classes at a local college and arrange for a regular cooking show on our local cable channel.

What will I be doing while Manager slaves away in a hot kitchen? Marketing, of course. Getting the company name out there and recognized, designing the calendar, and finishing off the book for our first year in business. Several universities are using this blog as an example in their business and economic classes, and putting this blog in book form will allow us to include spreadsheets, pro formas, cost flow analysis forms, and other forms too lengthy or involved for a blog format. Just think - all our mistakes - by the numbers! Plus, we'll include actual recipes in the book and not just pictures and descriptions.

So, that's what we did today. How about you?

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