Sunday, November 28, 2004

Alternative Milks 

OK, I officially like waffles made with alternative milks better than those made with real milk.

I never, ever thought I'd say those words. I am a die-hard whole-milk-as-ingredient person.

But using the multi-grain milk alternative makes fantastic light, fluffy waffles. And pecan waffles with either the hazelnut or almond milk alterantive have a deeper, more complex flavor, rich and yummy, sweet and crispy. And for those yearning for oatmeal waffles, but hate how heavy and dense they come out - that oat milk alternative gives you all the yummy, healthy flavor and none of the density. Oat waffles with oat milk alternative come out as light and airy as the best waffles ever.

You have to try waffles made with these milks.

I highly recommend pecan waffles with the hazelnut milk.

I haven't tried the apple and almond milk combination yet, but it should be great. And other combinations, like peach and almond, or pear and oat.

I tell you, the possibilities will rejuvenate waffle eating in America.

I can just see a whole new sub-culture of waffle-eaters. Emailing lists exchanging secret combinations of milks, fruits, nuts in the waffles. Waffle making competitions.

Hey! Once we get the Cracked Cauldron in a permanent location - we could so sponsor a waffle contest!

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