Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ads, Cars, and Food 

It is the business card that is currently provoking more response than the ads.

Saturday, as we shopped for a good used car, we handed out many cards. Those have produced several deeply interested responses and follow-up calls.

The ads are just now appearing, so it should be a week, really, before we start geenrating a response or two from them. We selected the papers in town which cater to the people with the most disposable income and least free time: the people who live in Edmond, Nichols Hills, Heritage Hills, and who work in the main corporate offices downtown. We've also targeted the professionals at the local hospitals. Their schedules can preclude being able to eat in restaurants but still wanting to eat well. A personal chef is just what they need

Timing is a bit off, but should pick up for the major winter holidays.

Manager did get the little Ford Focus stationwagon, paying more for it than if I'd been able to be along to negotiate the price. She didn't do too badly, though, for her first venture in car buying, getting it for $2,000.00 below the asking price. And it's good experience for her, learning to negotiate and haggle prices.

As for food: we've got her pantry installed into my kitchen, and all the mess of remodeling (such as it was), cleared up.

We've several orders of Bacon Bread to fill. Since we bake this only for people we personally know, and only for the cost of the ingredients, this isn't technically a part of the Cracked Cauldron, but it will keep them hooked on the bread and willing to buy it when we do get the funds to open the Cracked Cauldron.

We're also providing bread to make sandwiches for the homeless, and will bake pies and cookies for them on Thursday to go with the little care bags.

While we wish we could do more, we recognize our current limits.

It's hard, to adjust our thinking from giving to profit-making, but that's what we are doing. And right now, giving away the sandwiches and little care bags are the limit of what we can do.

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