Monday, October 25, 2004


The weekend was spent pricing equipment.

Manager has decided to start out as a Personal Chef, and work her way up to the Cracked Cauldron coffeehouse and bakery, and already has 2 clients. One is a one shot holiday event, and the other is to prepare the meal for a murder mystery for a group of people who gather regularly for murder mystery-style events. Live action Clue, with a meal.

because hte latter event involves 20 or so people who are all busy enough and earn enough to want a personal chef, it may evolve quickly into several new clients.

She will also consult with designing the kitchen for the independent movie dinner theater, and continue to pursue angel investors and potential bank loans or other avenues of additional financing for the final form of the Cracked Cauldron - at least the final form as we currently envision it, anyway.

So, if you're in the Oklahoma City are and would like Manager or QFM to be your personal chef, for daily meals, as a gift to a new mother, or for a special event, such as holiday meals or tea parties or kaffee klatches, feel free to contact us. I'll set the contact information in the side bar there, and we'll redo the web page (which we haven't posted up yet anyway!) to reflect the earlier stages of the business.

It'll take longer to get where we're going, but never fear, we will get there!

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