Friday, October 01, 2004


Well, it looks like our opening date will be pushed later into the year.


Should we shoot for Thanksgiving? That gives us a whole other month to seek the funding we need.

Maybe we'll find an investor or angel who is willing to take a risk on what we feel is a sure shot.

After all, except for that one hideous cake back in January, we haven't had a failure yet - and the reason that cake failed is because one of the ingredients was on the edge of spoiled, even though we were well within the expiration date.

We are going to revamp our entire budget, see what is completely essential (oven, vent, POS system, furniture, mixers, sinks, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, coffee equipment, to go supplies, dishes, flatware, cleaning supplies, ingredients), what we can get used or on credit, and how we can contrive.

Contrive, we will.

One way or the other, the Cracked Cauldron will open.

Pity it couldn't be on our preferred schedule.

But, yanno, I have a full marketing schedule planned out, and it is flexible enough to be implemented at any point.

I'll continue to work on getting the web site up, and the calendar made - although both will lack some important information, like address and phone number - and when the button maker arrives, we can distribute buttons for customer awareness. We can continue the sample distribution of yummy treats. We can cater a few small things. We can generate awareness through articles sent to the paper. We can keep this blog going. We can update the web site with cool trivia. We can sponsor small events. Or co-sponsor them.

There's a lot we can do on the marketing end of things.

On the business end, Manager will continue to solicit buyers for stock, and seek potential investors.

And it's possible that we'll manage to find the funds and finagle and connive and be open really soon.

One thing we're doing is going through our mailing list of people who want to be notified when we open and asking if they'd be interested in purchasing some stock. Not much, at least 10 shares, more if they feel like it. That's only $10.00 (plus the processing fee the CPA charges), less than the price of a good meal.

There are some people on that list who are eagerly soliciting college classmates and friends to invest in us.

I've asked Manager to contact her enthusiastic college professors to see if any of them will invest.

And I'm hitting up my co-workers, many of whom benefit from our ovens and are also anxiously awaiting the opening.

A way will be found.

Just watch.

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