Monday, October 18, 2004


Manager should complete the Power Point Presentation, and after I get home from work, we'll run it through and rehearse it, fine tune it, that sort of thing.

She'll also get together with her Queen Flour Monkey (QFM) to discuss short term options until the Cracked Cauldron is open.

See, our QFM is holding herself back from employment to be available for the Cracked Cauldron. As a result, she is slowly running out of personal finance options. She's been taking one-of jobs, caterings, and even going back into teaching dancing short term (she is a phenomenal dancer, name the dance, and she can do it, from ballroom to folk and assorted ethnic dances).

So, we're looking into options like finding a commercial kitchen so they can cater under the name of Cracked Cauldron or perhaps working as personal chefs, or personal party chefs. The commercial kitchens thing is hard, because so far, we've found zilch for commercial kitchens for rent.

But the personal chef or personal party chef looks like a good alternative that would segue nicely into the goals of the Cracked Cauldron.

So the beginnings are humbler than we'd hoped. They would still be beginnings. Beginnings that would earn income and provide brand recognition quickly.

And if it takes 2 years of operating as personal chefs before the banks will lend the money, that's a lot better than giving up - something Manager isn't willing to do.

The best part about using this plan (yes, yes, we are down to Plan L, with the eventual Plan Z looming on the horizon) is that it requires very little initial investment for a strong quick return. It's flexible enough that while implementing Plan L, Plans M - Z can still be pursued strongly. Plan L will provide income, a portion of which will be banked towards the Grand Opening of the Cracked Cauldron, and it will provide a business history that will make investors happy.

Doing this may take an additional year or two to start realizing dividend profits, but it will get there.

The downside on Plan L is that it will take that much longer before we can open the Homeless Resource Center. That really bites for us.

We can still continue with Sandwich Saturdays - where we deliver sandwiches to the places where homeless people hang out on Saturdays. Maybe we can expand that a bit - provide hot soup to go with the sandwiches. And we can still make up and deliver the little bags of coupons and brochures and toiletries we collect for them.

It's not what we want, but it will get us in that direction.

Baby steps.

No matter how many times I spell-check, I always find a typo.

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