Wednesday, October 13, 2004


So, we need to add more minty goodness to the Dinner Mint Sandwich Cookies. Or they're too minty. The chocolate cookie part needs to be thinner. They need more chocolate frosting.

The dough from the Raspberry Spirals ought to be made into Lady Fingers. They'd be great with blueberry filling. Oughta make them with cherries.

The Harvest Bars are too dry. Or too moist.

We'll take these suggestions under advisement. But where we get conflicting suggestions, I think we'll keep them as is. We can't please everyone, and if we add more sage for one person, we'll run away another. But, if they like it and will buy and eat it, just wishing it had a bit more or a bit less of whatever, well, then, we've achieved success!

More mint with the Dinner Mint Sandwich Cookies? Here, have a Minty Mocha Latte with it, or Mint Paradise Hot Cocoa, or a Frosty Minted Milk. There's lots of way to enhance the minty goodness of them.

Too minty? Well, try this lovely Bergamocha Brew, or a Triple Cocoa.

Hehe - half the fun of having a bakery is suggesting complemetary goodies to enhance or oppose the primary choice.

That's something we won't overlook in our Coffee Monkey Training - Complemetary Pairings.

Buy a baklava cheesecake, and the Coffee Monkey should recommend pairing it with a nice, equally smooth Full City Roast Ethiopian Moka Harrar for coffee drinkers, or a subtle South Indian Chai for tea drinkers, or a sweet Rose Milk. Any of those would go outstandingly well with the baklava cheesecake.

We'll have other recommendations, too, for everything we offer.

Heh. We just may spoil Okies to pieces. They'll expect the same level of informative Coffee Monkey at all the coffee shops and bakeries in town.

Our customers will be encouraged to explore, and if they choose the same thing over and over, we'll remember.

I see the Cracked Cauldron as being a synthistic blend of what we wanted Starbucks and Panera to be with a really cool art gallery and a Callahan's [1] type environment. It will, of course, evolve into its own unique character, but those will be its roots.

[1] From Spider Robinson's Callahan's Crosstime Salon novels and stories. If you haven't read them, do so.

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