Wednesday, October 13, 2004

PowerPoint Presentation 

It's a good thing Manager knows all about PowerPoint because she just may need it.

If the loan doesn't come through, I've been checking out angel investors and such. She'll need to make a 20 minute WOW presentation.

We have all the ingredients: pro forma, projected cash flow sheets, photographs, testimonials, The Cookbook, and some artwork for the Cracked Cauldron. Not only that, but we can also prepare a snack basket of yummies for the potential investors to munch on while viewing the presentation.

Our Queen Flour Monkey wants to be there helping with the presentation, and since she's keeping herself available (read "she's turned down job offers so she can be ready when we are") until we open (and hurting financialy because of it), that means we can justify paying her "consultation fees" to help her stay afloat until we open. She won't let us pay her because she says "I'm not doing anything to be paid for."

Working at making presentations to potential investors will certainly be work - and she'll accept pay for that.

We have such wonderful people supporting us. Dedicated. They believe in what we want to do, and what we'll be able to offer. They like that we'll have a great product, and they like even better that we'll use it to help better our local community.

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