Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Power Point Presentation 

We're going to spend a bit of time in the next few days accummulating customer testimonials.

I know, we aren't open, and therefore technically have no customers.

So maybe we ought to call them our Loyal Following. They want to be our customers.

We will prepare buttons for them, and a few T-shirts, and other branded items, and food, of course. And we'll take their pictures and/or statements to use in the presentation.

We have a pretty large Loyal Following. A few days work will garner us a pretty representative grouping of people to include in this testimonial documentation.

We'll provide potential investors with samples of our product (yummy baked goodies and specialty beverages to snack on while watching the presentation), and scatter these testimonials throughout the presentation at key points, then conclude with a burst of testimonials. If we provide samples of the very foods on which the investors are noshing, they'll see they aren't the only ones who like what we do. They'll see there is a huge underserved market out there willing to spend to get what we provide.

That will make investing a simpler decision.

We have everything it takes to succeed and make a tidy (though not exorbitant) profit for investors and comfy dividends for stockholders (and the two categories may overlap).

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