Thursday, October 07, 2004

New Journals 

There's a new print journal we just discovered last night that relates to our business: Southern Lady's Tea Time.

Since part of our menu will involvve tea, and one of our earliest contacts to schedule a regular meeting was with a group of ladies who wanted a "tea meeting", this journal offers some nice ideas on how to set their meeting up.

As a bonus, there is a nice article about the very group for whom we're arranging meeting space: the Red Hat Society.

When we are closer to opening, we plan to be listed with their Purple Perks card, offing a special treat upon presentation of their card when Red Hat ladies shop in the Cracked Cauldron.

Had our schedule not been derailed by financial slowdowns, we would have already contacted them about our desire to become part of the network of companies who offer specials to their membership. As soon as we know when our Opening Date is, we will be contacting them quickly, you may be sure of that!

We have several other organizations in line for similar specials when they show their membership cards. Meeting space is also available.

But it all hinges upon funding and our Opening Date.

In purusing this journal, Manager wondered if a Plan AA might be renting a small commercial kitchen and catering Teas and Kaffe Klatsches might not be a way to ease into opening the actual Cracked Cauldron. Plan AA comes after Plan Z.

We may be bumbling and stumbling about doing this, but we Have Plans, by golly we do! If one thing we try doesn't work, we have a new angle or a new method or a new direction to try.

We have people depending on us to open this - people addicted to our cookies, or cakes, or breads. They'll starve without us.

OK, maybe they won't starve without us, but they will pine away.

It's kind of interesting to enter the library and have people come up to us and ask when we'll be open. I had someone honking at me the other day, and when I stopped, they leaned out of their car to ask "Where's the Cracked Cauldron?" and I had to answer "Nowhere, yet, but we'll be opening soon!"

Oklahoma City is a big city, and we are starting to be recognized by people we've never met before - and we're not even wearing Cracked Cauldron T-shirts or buttons yet.

I was at the grocery store, buying plums for a zwetschkenkuchen, and had 2 customers standing in line with me ask about the Cracked Cauldron. This was not my usual grocery store. I didn't expect anyone there to know anything about it, but one woman said she'd overheard me talking about it at Target. The other woman said she'd seen me talking about it when I was making sandwich deliveries on Sandwich Saturday to some of the homeless people - her group was delivering hot dogs and our routes crossed.

I think, when we finally do open, people are going to swat us for not getting it done faster. We're going to have to think up fresh and witty ways to respond to the repeated "'Bout time!" we'll be hearing.

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