Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Manager will have lunch with the people fielding a business venture as well as several committed investors and several undecided investors. It sounds as if it will be a productive meeting, especially since one of the investors has funded several successful local restaurants and is looking forward to supporting this one as well.

She spent part of last evening in a sort of pre-meeting.

One interesting result of last night's meeting is that she won't have to design the commercial kitchen area after all, they decided they wanted her to have a separate kitchen area there to prepare the baked goods and run the Cracked Cauldron as a separate business under the same roof. She would keep her name because they plan to have several separate businesses operating in tandem to support one another (I understand this sort of cooperation is becoming the 21st Century Thing To Do): the dinner restaurant which will feed the diners, the bakery which will supply the desserts and beverages for the restaurant as well as any outside customers and have a separate entrance, and a private area for business meetings.

Each business would be independently owned and operated, but all of them would draw off the initial start-up funds.

Participating in this will delay the bulk of the charity we plan, but it will eventually get going.

This would just be an interim step.

We'll see how the lunch goes.

It sounds good.

I know a lot of people who would like to have a place like this.

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