Friday, October 15, 2004

Manager Returns! 

Ah, you didn't even know she was away because I didn't post it. Sorry about that.

She went to visit our Director of Finances to re-work the pro formas and cash flows, and find any errors that were keeping her from getting funding.

She is re-working them to open as a coffeehouse first, in case we can't get the funding to open with the whole enchilada.

Knowing Oklahoma City, I think we should strive for opening with everything - all the beverages, all the savory pies and soups, all the cakes and pies and pastries and cookies, the themed nights, the Menu Decision Team, the reading room, the Homeless Resource Center, the commission art - everything. It will enchant our fellow Okies and bring them back for more.

Now, it's true we've gone past the date when we could have opened for Halloween, but we still have several prepared Opening Dates - all contingent upon funding, of course.

If we must open as a coffeeshop first and work our way up, it can still be done. We'll have to find a different location (and a real shame that would be, because this one is so very good).

We can still offer the commission art, the themed nights, the Menu Decision Team (gotta have cookies and bars to go with the coffees and teas), and the Homeless Resource Center. Our Director of Finances thinks we should also offer the soups, which means we can offer the savory pies, because savory pies are soups in a crust.

And we'd have a range of beverages - the sodas, of course, the coffees, teas, milks, and juices. Since we'll have the flavored syrups for the coffees. We can also use them for the sodas, Italian sodas, hot and cold flavored milks, and even the flavored juices.

There's also the possibility of going in with another shop owner to share space and rent, perhaps an antique or gift style shop that would act synergistically in attracting customers for both of us.

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