Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Holiday Pans 

Nordicware has some new holiday pattern bundt pans out: a heart shaped bundt, a bundt formed into a wreath of trees, and a heart tart pan.

Even if we don't have funds yet to buy them for the Cracked Cauldron, since Manager has to be very careful with what funds she does have, I will buy a set for me. Then donate them to the Cracked Cauldron when it opens, because really, I won't have time to bake at home anymore. Not when I'll be spending all my spare time down at the Cracked Caulron baking there - or brewing coffee or concocting specialty cocoas or swinging a mop.

The heart tart pan is exactly what I've been looking for to make the Queen of Tarts tarts in. This is a yummy red tart made sort of like a baklava, only with cranberries and strawberries, in a heart shape, and topped with a meringue mushroom - a la Alice in Wonderland. For Valentine's Day, I can change out the mushroom for an arrow in either meringue or chocolate (or both - why not be indulgent?).

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