Sunday, October 17, 2004

Gingered Out 

What do you get when you're in the middle of making gingersnaps, and discover you have no ginger and no way to get to the store?

Why, you make cinnamon snaps instead!

Which is precisely what I did, and they came out so good, I think I'll keep the recipe for the Cracked Cauldron. Think of Snickerdoodles made with molasses, darkly mysterious cookies with a decided crunch and the heady flavor and aroma of cinnamon. It pairs almost magically with a cup of hot chai or an almond flavored coffee.

And, because I had left over cinnamon sugar, when I made chocolate chip cookies, I rolled them in the cinnamon sugar. They sparkle, and the subtle flavor of cinnamon infuses them without overwhelming them.

Of course, I used the new swirled chocolate chips, just because. The glints of white chocolate inside the brown chocolate, all coated with a glitter of sugar makes this a truly elegant cookie. I think they'd be perfect for a Red Hat Tea Party, or something else where a little extra fun and sophistication is wanted.

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