Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Manager purchased some smallwares last night. These will be useful in both her current incarnation as a Personal Chef, and later when the coffeehouse/bakery opens.

On the personal side, I purchased this really nifty crockpot. My old one (I've had it since 1971) had the legs broken off, necessitating temporary props, and the cord had to be held in place with a twist of wire and electrical tape or it wouldn't stay inside the plug area of the crockpot.

But I saw this Rival Versa-Ware Crockpot, and I had to have it. The insert can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, and, naturally, in the crockpot base. It has three temperature settings (typical of crockpots everywhere, I presume), and it came with a small grill.

OK, OK, they say the grill is a heat diffuser for cooking on an electrical stovetop.

But, the way the insert is shaped, it fits perfectly on the inside, neatly dividing the interior into 2 sections, which provides for a plethora of recipe variations. A very wet dish can be cooked in the bottom half, and another can be slowly steamed above the grill. We have bread recipes that will love that grill, breads that will complement the stew simmering below it quite nicely.

So, I bought the crockpot.

It's a paltry purchase compared to Manager's purchases of stand mixer, food processor, blender, roaster, extra burners, a variety of kitchen thermometers and cutting boards, and a better quality set of pots and pans, along with a storage box to carry these in and a dolly to haul them around with.

All of these will find places inside the Cracked Cauldron when it gets a physical location, and will be useful for now, in earning the money to get the physical location.

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