Thursday, October 21, 2004

Commercial Kitchen 

We may be able to evolve into a commercial kitchen/catering sooner than expected if we start within the week as personal chef.

We've been approached by a group opening an avante garde restaurant in town, wanting someone to supervise the kitchen installation. As they only plan to be open for dinner (2 seatings), in exchange for supervising the kitchen installation and hiring, they will allow us to use the kitchen for our own catering needs for the next 10 years (or as long as we want up to 10 years).

If we can't get the Cracked Cauldron fully open for business within 10 years, we are seriously doing something wrong.

Besides, setting up this kitchen will be good experience in creating the perfect kitchen for the Cracked Cauldron. QFM and I have commercial kitchen and catering experience. Manager has catering experience, now she can get commercial kitchen experience.

Mind, now, the restaurant we've been approached to help set up isn't a reality yet, but they have a location and an idea and - most importantly - several committed investors.

They are much more ambitious than we are, and expect to have close to 5 million in investments, and to start making over a million their first year. They plan it to be a fusion type retaurant - not exactly what we are looking to do, but, hey, it gives us access to a commercial kitchen just for offering some consultation work.

Working with these investors will also demonstrate that we know what we're doing, and may make them more likely to invest in the Cracked Cauldron - perhaps sooner than later.

It's a win-win situation.

Assuming the rest of the investors come through on this venture, of course.

And if it doesn't we are no worse off than we are now.

We have a plan, flexible enough to take advantage of such opportunities as this venture, yet firm enough to stand on its own.

It won't be a right now thing, and it sucks that we have to delay as we are, but the goal is in sight, and we will get there.

And when we do, we will have one splendiferous and much anticipated Grand Opening!

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