Friday, October 01, 2004

Bunny Pie 

That was yummy - a little too much lemon.

Rabbit loves lavendar and rose, with just a pinch of cardamom and clove, and some white pepper. Because the rice wrapper was thin and fragile, I bolstered it with several layers of steamed mustard leaves, and that was a WOW for the pie.

Rice wrapper, mustard leaves, and a piling of rabbit in a floral lemon sauce, with peas and leeks.

I don't know if we'll offer this in the Cracked Cauldron, or if we'll offer it often, but I think it's even better than the Chicken Aloute, which we will be offering.

I just have to remember that the lemon is a seasoning, not a keynote.

And I have to rememebr that the rice wrapper wants moisture when it bakes, so a nice layer of butter helped keep it from turning brittle.

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