Friday, October 29, 2004


With the decision to backburner the joint venture with the indie dinner theater, unless it's a lot more Manager-friendly, we've rechanneled our efforts into getting the Personal Chef side of the business going so we can earn our way into the Cracked Cauldron coffeehouse, bakery, and Homeless Resource Center.

We designed several small ads for the Wednesday Living Section of the local daily paper, ads targeted towards people shopping for baby shower gifts, and ads for the local alternative papers. We'll finish up the new Press Release packets this weekend, while we do the slight remodeling on the house to accommodate storing her equipment here.

The remodeling isn't much - shelves in the living room to ouse the movie collection. They really should have been in the living room all along, since that's where the TV is, but the ferrets who live in that room like chewing on the DVD and VHS cases. I've never bothered with putting the shelves in there before because there was plenty of room in the kitchen.

Now, we need the kitchen space for kitchen things, so we move the movies to the living room, and build additional shelves in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the sewing machine and dining table will have to go out of the kitchen as well. Well, I might be able to keep the dining table...

But the sewing machine, patterns, sewing boxes and all have to go somewhere else.

Then, we'll have room for her mixing bowls, pots and pans, stand mixer, roaster, spare electric burners, blender, food processor, and storage containers.

At some point in the next week or so, we'll measure and fix transportation containers so she can condense and easily move the containers from house to car to house.

If the Personal Chef side of the business remains successful, when Manager opens the Cracked Cauldron store, she's thinking of recruiting more Personal Chefs to work under her name. That part will be easy to franchise! We already have recipes - many of the ones we were going to use in the Cracked Cauldron store convert easily to home use. Hey, they all started as home use, and we converted them to chef's formulae. Piece a cake puting them back.

There are several networks of Personal Chefs, and I see no reason why the Cracked Cauldron shouldn't have that as part of the business.

We'd never considered it before. To be honest, we'd never even heard of Personal Chefs before we visited a friend in Ohio on our bakery tour last September.

When the loan fell through this last time, we investigated it as a possibility, and here we are, starting as Personal Chef, and working our way up to having the store we planned.

For that hint, we sincerely thank our friend in Ohio!

Now, off to write the press releases!

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