Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Web Page 

Is still not up. We're waiting now for the host to confirm our domain name and to give us the necessary codes to upload the pages.

In the meantime, Manager blew a heating hose on her car, and since it is an elderly car (as old as she is), replacement parts were a challenge to locate. However, as of 2:00 this afternoon, she was mobile again. Pity she won't drive stick, there are several such vehicles in the family from which she could have chosen.

We are now experiencing a mail deluge of the catalogs and specs she requested from the vendors at the Trade Shows. Most of the equipment has been picked out, all we need now is for the bank to complete the processing of the loan - the loan officer chose to take an extended vacation, and there's only one at the bank who processes SBA loans.

The loan officer is back, and we should be hearing about the loan very soon.

All our customers are jumping up and down eager for the opening. They are pestering not only us, but places where we frequent and one another for the latest news. We have people planning parties they want to hold there, and others who have relatives coming for the holidays whom they plan to treat there.

We've hired most of our employees, and they are anxious to start "real work", rather than these stop-gap caterings we've been doing.

We need to get our doors open. People want to spend money there.

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