Sunday, September 12, 2004

Three Sisters 

There's a bakery we visited that had a cookie that had the potential to be a great cookie. As presented, it was a vegan cookie: dense, chewy and a bit on the dry side. For vegan, it was very delicious.

So, yesterday, we experimented around, and created a non-vegan version that truly is yummy: chewy, with a hint of crispness, and packed with flavor.

Because it is a blend of three popular cookies, we're calling it the Three Sisters Cookie. On a peanut butter base, we added the molasses, honey, spices and oats of oatmeal cookies, and then the brown sugar, spices and chocolate chips of the chocolate chip cookie. We put honey roasted peanuts in it. We would have put raisins and pecans in it, too, but discovered too late we'd used them all up in a previous dish. The next batch will include them, and we'll see if that improves them any. The eggs, chocolate chips, and honey take them far out of the vegan realm.

We shaped them in both domes and flattened, and I think the flattened version is better.

They are excellent with chai, black teas, coffee, milks, and most juices. The flavor of the cookie makes most vegetable juices taste "off", but a mild tomato juice is surprisingly good.

Since we changed the cookie substantially from it's origins, and since a friend suggested a better name, we may call this cookie the Three Graces Cookie. Very Grecian. Fits the symbology of the store. Continues our story.

So, Three Graces it is, with a tip of the hat to J.

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