Monday, September 20, 2004

Sourdoughs and Origins 

I know you might think it's sort of dorky, but we name our sourdough starters. They do take on personality after a while.

Penelope, for example, is pert and quick starting, only slightly sour, perfect for the lighter ryes and heavier organic grains.

Madeline, however, is tart and sassy, just the starter for a classic white sourdough.

And Ingeborg has an earthy twang that complements vegetable doughs like tomato and squashes and potato; strong enough to raise those doughs and keep them firm.

As we develope new breads, we'll likely be employing new starters to handle the new types of breads.

Of course, sourdough isn't the only ingredient with which we'll get up close and personal. Many of our suppliers are local people - the Mushroom Man in Tulsa, the beeves from a rancher just south of here, cheese and butter from a ranch just east, and eggs and chickens from another ranch further east, herbs from farms near Piedmont and Shawnee, veggies and fruits from as many local farmers as we can get, honey and pecans will definitely be from locals. We'd like to get flours locally, too, but many of the flours we use aren't grown in Oklahoma, so we'll get what we can locally, and the rest where we must.

We've visited the home territory of many of our suppliers. We've seen with our very own eyes just where many of our ingredients are grown and/or raised. That means we can assure you, our guinea pigs and customers, of their origins and conditions. And because we buy local, we can also keep an eye on them to be sure the quality remains as high as you expect.

The Cracked Cauldron is owned by a native Okie, uses as many locally grown by Okies ingredients as possible, and provides yummy goodies to Okies. The Cracked Cauldron is by, for, and with Okies.

Or rather, it will be, as soon as the equipment loan for buying the ovens and such comes through.

Then, before you know it, we'll be baking up yummy memories, showing off the talents of local artists - both musically and graphically, and helping the homeless make it through another day.

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